• March 29, 2024

VMware End of Availability: What Does It Mean for Education?

Greg M. Smith
  • by Greg M. Smith

As the dust settles on VMware’s announcement that they’re ending the availability of perpetual licensing and SaaS services, CIOs and decision-makers in higher ed grapple with what to do next.

Let’s be clear, this puts schools that have been using Horizon as their desktop solution in a bind.

VMware’s decision to move to a subscription model means a steep price increase. We’ve seen quotes as high as 300%!

To backtrack a little, when COVID hit in 2020, we saw institutions scramble to find solutions quickly.

Once the solutions were in place, many questioned whether the technology was the:

  • Best fit for their technology team
  • Most cost effective
  • Best experience for their faculty and students

We put together this post to give you an overview of the situation. It also offers a few tips to move forward with the best virtual desktop and virtual lab solutions for your school, faculty, and students.

What Happened: VMware End of Availability

When the news broke that Broadcom had acquired VMware, a lot of CIOs in education were left wondering what that would mean for their virtual desktop solutions.

In December, Broadcom announced that it would divest in some of its portfolio, which included VMware Horizon Cloud.

What does this mean for schools using Horizon?

  • VMware ended perpetual licensing and moved to a subscription model.
  • VMware also discontinued academic pricing.

For higher education, this has meant a swift increase in cost, taxing already constrained budgets.

If you decide to continue with VMware, your school will need to pay the subscription cost at full commercial pricing.

How to Choose the Best Virtual Desktop Solution

You can, of course, stay with VMware on the subscription model if you’re happy with the service and it fits your budget.

From what we’re seeing, the lack of academic pricing and steep increase in subscription fees may not be the best solution for many schools going forward.

If you’re researching new options, our 7 Tips to Choose the Best Virtual Desktop Solution can help you get started.

It’s never easy to pivot with little warning. But you may find that your next solution is a much better fit for your school, budget, faculty, and students.

At Propeller, we focus solely on education and we’re happy to help answer any questions you might have. If you’d like to discuss your school’s specific needs, contact us today.

And, if you’d just like to see Propeller’s potential impact on your budget, try our free ROI Estimator to compare.

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