• July 8, 2019

Unbundling Sandbox and Sandbox Builder

Greg M. Smith
  • by Greg M. Smith

McLean, VA – July 8, 2019: Propeller announced today several enhancements to Sandbox and Sandbox Builder designed to provide greater flexibility to leverage the power of these tools.

Announced last October, Sandbox is designed to deliver an on-demand and secure virtual labs to support hands-on student learning, ideal for simulations and technical programs like cybersecurity, operating systems, programming, big data, and engineer, where students often need access to complex computing environments. Sandbox allows students to do just that, providing access to multiple operating systems and configurations in a defined and secure environment.

Sandbox Builder, announced in March of this year, extends the capabilities of the Propeller Sandbox allowing professors, teaching assistants, and technical staff to build secure, dynamic, and hands-on labs that span operating systems and system configurations.

Starting today:

  • We are unbundling Sandbox and Sandbox Builder from our managed service Classroom Virtual Desktop. If you have an existing AWS WorkSpaces environment or aren’t looking for a managed offering, Sandbox and Sandbox Builder are now available as standalone applications that can be installed in your own WorkSpaces environment. A subscription to Sandb ox and Sandbox Builder provides full access to the platform, the service catalog of default images, and unlimited use, just BYOW – Bring Your Own WorkSpace.
  • Propeller is launching Sandbox running in AWS AppStream 2.0, dubbed Sandbox AppStream Edition. Sandbox allows students in technical programs like Cybersecurity, Big Data, and programming to have access to secure and complex virtual labs while keeping an eye on costs and scalability.

“We are excited to bring Sandbox and Sandbox Builder to more colleges and universities,” said Mohammad Haque, Senior Vice President for Propeller. He continued “Leveraging the cost effective AppStream 2.0 platform to access a student sandbox is a great step to allow more students access to industry tools they will need to successful in the pursuit of their degrees.”

You can experience both Sandbox and Sandbox Builder for 14 days, but requesting access to the Propeller platform. We are excited to share what we have been working on.

About Propeller
As education IT veterans, our founders want all students to thrive beyond the bounds of a traditional campus and the confines of limited resources. We believe that technology should never get in the way of a school’s or a student’s ability to grow and engage with the world. With smart cloud computing, we saw an unmatched opportunity to help make better virtual learning possible for students on the devices they already have, freeing K-12 schools, community colleges, and universities from costly and burdensome software and hardware.

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