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Give every student access to technology and tools without device limitations

Virtual Desktop

Give your students access to the software and applications they need on any device.


Learning Lab

Give your students the hands-on tools and applications they’ll need after graduating.


  • Our packages


5 computer lab configurations

  • Unlimited Software Updates/Adds
  • SSO Integration (SAML 2.0)
  • Site-to-Site VPN
  • Basic Usage Logging
  • LTI - Learning Tools Interoperability
  • Support & Knowledge Base


10 computer lab configurations

  • Everything in Standard
  • Unlimited Learning Lab
  • Sassafras Integration
  • Custom Scheduling
  • Development Environment
  • Dedicated Success Manager


Unlimited computer lab configurations

  • Everything in Plus
  • LMS/SIS Integration
  • ThinClient Management
  • Hosted Licensing Server
  • Custom URL
  • Support for macOS Xcode
  • Other Services

Proof of Concept

No Commitment – Get your feet wet.


Use your own applications in your choice of Propeller’s non-persistent virtual desktop. We’ll build and configure your environment to your specifications. It includes access for unlimited users for 30 days and VPN connectivity back to your data centers as necessary.


Jump Start

Just need a little help getting up and running quickly?

Your dedicated project manager is charged with defining requirements based on your vision of the learning experience and then gathering Propeller engineers and education experts to design, build, test, and put your new environment into production. And all this happens in less than 4 weeks!

Frequent questions

Need more? We’re here to help. 

Visit our knowledge base or submit a request to our customer success team.

Think of this as a “laptop in the cloud.” Propeller’s Virtual Desktop is a high-powered, fully managed workspace that can handle resource-intensive applications on any device.


The Virtual Desktop gives students an environment for completing assignments and lab work outside of the classroom. Students can access their desktop through most browsers on any device, saving the costs of software and hardware upgrades.

The main difference is whether the user gets the same virtual machine every time they log in to the environment.


A persistent machine can be assigned to a student, faculty or staff for any duration you specify at your school — a semester, program or ongoing.


With non-persistent machines, users get a new virtual machine every time. This ensures that every student and every log-in provides the same end user experience. Students can still save their work using your school’s cloud storage solution, such as Google Drive or OneDrive.

Learning Lab is a persistent environment created to run labs and simulations exactly as your faculty envisions. Since each student has an individual lab, they gain hands-on experience without straining campus faculty or IT departments — if something goes wrong, the student can just restart and everything resets. 

Learning Labs are secure, isolated, and scalable, making them great for:

  • Demanding, resource-intensive labs
  • Networking simulations
  • Cybersecurity Courses
  • Programming
  • Digital forensics
  • And much more

We’d be thrilled to have you join the Propeller family! We can quickly move you from the Proof of Concept to a full campus deployment, with minimal effort on your end. Your client success manager works with you to meet your timeline and plan your rollout.

Think of this as the “easy button” to get started with virtual desktop in less than four weeks!


During this time, the Propeller team works with you to gather the requirements, build, test, and put your new environment into production. At the end of the Jump Start, your school’s team will have the knowledge, skills and confidence to take over and continue managing your virtual environment.

Virtual Desktop

What if your students and faculty could easily run today’s high-powered apps on any device, at any time? That’s the vision we made a reality at Propeller. Our virtual desktop solution can be customized to fit your school’s exact needs, plus it integrates with your existing campus technology and licenses.

With Virtual Desktop, students can access a full range of specialized software and resource-intensive applications – opening a would of new possibilities. We’ve made it painless with single sign-on, using your existing portals or Learning Management System.

There’s no software to install, so there’s less need for tech support and more time for teaching and learning.

Whether persistent or non-persistent, our fully managed and supported virtual desktop solutions offer:

  • Full desktop and application catalog views
  • Real-time observation of student work
  • Geographic load balancing
  • Support for IP/Cloud printing
  • Support for HTML5 browsers including Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer,
  • Edge
  • Tier 2 Support
  • Cloud cost optimization
  • Fully managed/supported environment

Transform every student device into a powerful workstation. Give students access to
essential software and programs with fewer burdens on your budgets and staff. We
make it simple for you with Virtual Desktop.



Want to transform your digital learning environments with Virtual Desktop

Learning Lab

We created Learning Lab so students in technical and research-intensive disciplines could access their computer labs on any device. And we made it easy. There’s no need to install or maintain software across multiple machines.

Secure, scalable, and ideal for simulations, Learning Lab makes hands-on learning a breeze for both instructors and IT departments.

Use Learning Lab to:

  • Deploy complex networks, operating system configurations, and software
  • Choose persistent and non-persistent Windows, Linux, and macOS environments
  • Leverage an isolated and secure environment to support the specialized needs of programs such as:
    • Cybersecurity
    • Digital Forensics
    • Malware Analysis
    • Operating Systems
    • Programming
    • Xcode Development

Want to transform your digital learning environments with Learning Lab?