• March 20, 2022

See How Propeller Makes Students’ Dreams Come True

Greg M. Smith
  • by Greg M. Smith

A lifelong video game fanatic, Molly grew up slaying dragons, racing starships, and slam-dunking on her little brother. Now a college sophomore, she’s turning her passion into her future by majoring in video game design and esports. 

There’s just one problem: Minutes into her first class, Molly discovers the tablet computer she bought (with her own hard-earned money) lacks the storage and computing power to run Unreal Engine—the 3D game development tool her professor requires for projects. 

Buying a new computer is out of the question. She put everything she saved into her tuition and tablet. Is this it? Is it game over for Molly’s dream?  

Heartbroken, Molly assumes she’ll have to drop the class and abandon her major altogether, all because of a measly tablet. 

But just then, as fast as it vanished, hope reappears.

Propeller to the rescue

“Don’t stress if you don’t have an expensive laptop,” Molly’s professor says to the class. “We use Propeller, so you’ll have access to Unreal Engine and other tools you need from any web browser.” 

Molly’s spirits lift as her professor explains how, using Propeller’s virtual desktop, she and her classmates can access the required applications from their personal tablets or Chromebooks wherever they choose to work: their dorm, the student union, or while visiting home on the weekends. 

The quest begins

That night, Molly heads to her favorite coffee shop, settles into her favorite booth, and begins work on her first assignment. Step one: Fire up the tablet. Step two: Log in to Propeller’s virtual desktop in the cloud. And there it is: Unreal Engine, one of many apps at her disposal to bring her visions to life. A quick toast to Propeller with her caramel macchiato and she’s off and running.  

Molly is so absorbed in her work, she’s startled when the barista begins shutting down the lights. Time for me to shut down, too, she thinks. She saves her assignment on Propeller’s cloud drive, knowing she can pick up right where she left off and keep building on her work as her class continues. 

Access everything 

Thanks to Propeller, Molly has no doubt she’ll be able to complete all the classes for her major. Her dream is well within reach: She can graduate with a degree tailored to her passion and transform her training into a rewarding career.

Discover how virtual desktops from Propeller simplify and equalize access to technology so students like Molly can pursue their dreams.  

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