• April 18, 2022

See how Propeller helps school CTOs meet everyone’s needs 

Amy Kaminski
  • by Amy Kaminski

Three university stakeholders walk into a strategy meeting, and the tension is palpable. The professor, network analyst, and desktop specialist are all chomping at the bit to share their pain points. The school’s Chief Technology Officer (CTO), Erin, braces for what’s to come. 

“Some of my students can’t access the software they need, because their laptops or Chromebooks don’t have the bandwidth,” Professor Frank exclaims.  

Network Analyst Nick raises his hand next. “Enrollment keeps growing. We need a technology solution that can quickly and easily scale.” 

“More students are complaining that our computer labs don’t meet their needs,” adds Desktop Specialist Emily. “We need a 24/7 solution that is more accessible.” 

As the three continue airing their grievances, Erin’s wheels start spinning. She needs to think big and long-term. What she really needs is a collaborative partner who can meet everyone’s technology goals while providing continual, reliable support. And she has just the right one in mind. 

“Folks,” she says, “I hear you. I get you. And I have the solution: Propeller!”

A year later…

Three university stakeholders walk into a strategy meeting. The CTO says, “Why the happy faces?” Everyone is beaming. 

Professor Frank speaks up first. “With Propeller’s virtual desktops, all of my students can access the software they need, regardless of their computer or where they’re located.” 

“I don’t have to think twice about bandwidth, machine availability, or computing power,” says Network Analyst Nick, helping himself to a muffin. “I have more time to focus on important matters like monitoring campus security and new system implementations.” He takes a bite of his muffin. “And breakfast.” 

Desktop Specialist Emily leans in with a big smile. “I transformed the computer labs on campus into new classrooms and collaborative workspaces. The students are loving it. They think I’m a magician!” 

Now Erin is beaming, too. She’s thrilled to hear about everyone’s remarkable year with Propeller. 

She’s also on cloud nine from the major kudos she received that morning from the university president, who commended Erin’s innovative thinking and recognized her commitment to creating the best student experience possible. Of course, Propeller made it easy. But nobody needs to know that. 

Discover how Propeller helps CTOs like Erin meet stakeholder needs with innovative cloud solutions and expert support.

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