• October 14, 2020

Propeller enables the next generation of macOS and iOS Developers

Mohammad A. Haque
  • by Mohammad Haque

Propeller enables the next generation of macOS and iOS developers

McLean, VA – October 14, 2020: Propeller is pleased to support the next generation of macOS™ and iOS™ developers with the general release of support for Xcode™ development as a part of the Learning Lab is an application that lets instructors provide students with a pre-defined lab environment ideal for simulations or technical programs such as software development. With this latest release, instructors are able to teach programming for the macOS/iOS platforms by providing students with a cloud-based Xcode development environment of their own.

“We are excited to be able to bring together Learning Labs with the Xcode development platform,” said Greg M. Smith, CEO of Propeller. “It allows us to put development tools in the hands of any student, anywhere, from virtually any device helping to reduce the digital divide.”

This latest addition to Learning Lab provides the platform for the next generation of macOS/iOS developers to bring their creativity and ideas into reality and opens the door to the $60 billion industry of iOS applications. The only question is how will they change the world?

Learning Lab with Xcode is available now, please contact our sales team for more details.

macOS, iOS, and Xcode are registered trademarks of Apple Inc.

About Propeller
As education IT veterans, our founders want all students to thrive beyond the bounds of a traditional campus and the confines of limited resources. We believe that technology should never get in the way of a school’s or a student’s ability to grow and engage with the world. With smart cloud computing, we saw an unmatched opportunity to help make better virtual learning possible for students on the devices they already have, freeing K-12 schools, community colleges, and universities from costly and burdensome software and hardware.

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