• August 14, 2020

AWS Partner Award: Interview with UMBC

Greg M. Smith
  • by Greg M. Smith

McLean, VA – August 14, 2020: Propeller was recently honored by the Amazon Web Services Partner Network as the Best Remote Learning Solution for 2020. TheCube recently interview Mohammad A. Haque, Propeller’s Chief Technology Officer and Damian Doyle, AVP Enterprise Infrastructure Solutions at UMBC, an Propeller customer. 

“Outside of COVID, UMBC already recognized the need to provide students with access to technology without being tethered to a computer lab,” says Doyle.  “Propeller has enabled us to reach students where they are and how they want to learn. And we did it in 2-1/2 weeks, start to finish!”

Learn about the decision process, how the implementation proceeded and lessons learned from the deployment.


About Propeller
As education IT veterans, our founders want all students to thrive beyond the bounds of a traditional campus and the confines of limited resources. We believe that technology should never get in the way of a school’s or a student’s ability to grow and engage with the world. With smart cloud computing, we saw an unmatched opportunity to help make better virtual learning possible for students on the devices they already have, freeing K-12 schools, community colleges, and universities from costly and burdensome software and hardware.

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