• May 18, 2019

Announcing Sandbox Builder!

Greg M. Smith
  • by Greg M. Smith

McLean, VA – March 18, 2019: Announcing Sandbox Builder, the next evolution in delivering hands-on learning environments that allow students to learn real-world applications and configurations in a safe and secure way. In combination with eLumin’s Sandbox, the Sandbox Builder gives instructors, teaching assistances and technical staff the ability to point, click, and deploy multiple operating systems, configurations, and install software to support programs like Cybersecurity, Operating Systems, Malware Analysis, Digital Forensics,  Programming, Big Data and others. 

Key features of the Sandbox Builder include:

  • Provision access for students to Classroom Virtual Desktop and Sandbox environments
  • Select from a pre-defined service catalog of operating systems including
    • Windows Server 2012/2016/2019
    • CentOS
    • Ubuntu
    • Kali Linux
  • Role based access to support Instructors, Teaching Assistants and Site Administrators.
  • Approval workflow to ensure cost and integrity of the student experience.
  • Create secure environments to mirror real-world scenario learning
  • Deploy labs to a single class or multiple classes with the click of a button.
  • Develop a catalog of labs for use across campus.
  • Effectively manage costs with built-in monitoring and thresholds.
  • Fully managed/supported environment.

“Sandbox Builder is a big step forward for the eLumin platform” said Mohammad A. Haque, Senior Vice President. Haque continued “putting the ability to create labs and exercises in the hands of faculty and staff allows instructors to pull in current events into the classroom, the latest cyber hack or malware story from the weekend can be a hands-on immersive learning experience for students on the following Monday.”  Sandbox Builder is available now. If you could like to see Sandbox Builder in action and better understand how the eLumin platform can help your students learn someone from our team would love to speak with you and can be reach at 1.844.4.eLumin (358646) or you request a Product Overview.

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