• March 22, 2024

5 Budgetary Benefits of Virtual Desktops for Higher Education

Greg M. Smith
  • by Greg M. Smith

Colleges and universities face a myriad of challenges this year.

Many institutions struggle with declining enrollment. And a cloud of uncertainty hangs over students and schools trying to plan their fiscal budgets, thanks to FASFA delays.

As pandemic relief funds dry up, schools are also finding their budgets are increasingly stretched.

In today’s blog post, we’re taking a deeper dive into the budgetary benefits of virtual desktops and virtual lab environments for higher education.

If you’re considering updating or adding virtual desktop solutions for your school, stop by our ROI Estimator to see exactly what budgetary benefits you can expect.

Benefits of Virtual Desktop Solutions for Higher Ed

If you’re looking for ways to:

Make education more accessible for students

  • Make education more accessible for students
  • Offer job-ready training like ethical hacking and cybersecurity
  • Create virtual labs to help students who can’t make it to campus

Virtual desktop solutions offer an excellent tool for your students, faculty, and staff.

Even better — they’re often far more cost effective than replacement plans for outdated technology. And many campuses are seeing a cybersecurity benefits in virtual desktops and cloud-based solutions, as well.

If you’re currently researching the best solution, check out our tips to choose the right virtual desktop for your institution.

5 Budgetary Benefits of Virtual Desktops

The pandemic in 2020 accelerated the move to online learning solutions and many colleges and universities put virtual solutions in place rather quickly.

Now that the dust has settled, it’s clear that virtual desktops and lab environments offer multiple benefits for students, faculty, and the budget.

Here are just a few of the budgetary benefits our clients are seeing when they put Propeller’s virtual desktop solutions to work for their campuses:

  • Savings on hardware
  • Decreased cost of software
  • Decreased cost of physical lab maintenance
  • Scalability – virtual solutions remove the limitations to serve more students
  • Allocated cost of IT resources

Virtual Solutions Save Schools on Hardware Replacement Costs

Computers are not inexpensive.

Large universities and small community colleges all need to prioritize their replacement plans for computer lab hardware. This represents a big line item in the yearly budget.

Virtual desktops give your school a way to continue using legacy equipment safely, without sacrificing the performance students need to access the high-powered applications to complete complex coursework.

In our recent webinar, IT Director Tim Rager put a number on it –– his community college’s hardware replacement budget was $700,000. Using Propeller, they brought that cost down to tens of thousands of dollars per year for massive savings.

Saving Schools on Software Applications

IT budgets extend far beyond hardware. Additional expenses include security software protection, licensing fees, patches, and updates.

With cloud-based solutions, these costs decrease, and schools don’t need to worry about physically maintaining student devices.

Virtual Solutions Save Schools in Physical Lab Maintenance

Virtual desktops and lab environments mean less space and hardware to keep track of. This helps schools lighten schedules for faculty and use resources to best serve students.

Your staff won’t need to manage a physical lab and you can expand your class sizes to serve more students without building or repurposing rooms.

Scalable Solutions Mean Supporting More Students at a Lower Cost

Virtual desktops give students greater access. They can complete work and retrieve materials from their own devices without investing in expensive equipment or coming into the school’s lab.

While scalability offers better equity for students, it can also help institutions increase their revenue. An increased student body means higher enrollment and more tuition.

Propeller’s Fully Managed Solutions Support Your IT Department

Physical computers need IT staff to manage and maintain hardware and software. College IT departments are often stretched thin with responsibilities, and many don’t have the expertise on hand to build out the best virtual environments for their campuses without the right help.

At Propeller, we specialize in working with campuses to create the right solutions for your departments, faculty, and students.

Want to learn more about putting virtual solutions to work for your campus? Contact us today.

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