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Today’s students deserve better access to the learning tools they need to thrive, and we’re here to help.


Give every student access to the software and programs they need to thrive — using any device they have. We manage it all for you.

Transform every student device into a powerful workstation with essential software and programs — and fewer burdens on your budgets and staff.

Better ROI than legacy tech or computer labs

  • Give students the same software they already use without paying for new licenses or hardware.
  • Avoid high up-front investment and prevent strains on IT budgets and resources.
  • Empower students and faculty to realize their full potential.

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Where we made a impact

We implemented in 2.5 weeks, start to finish

We helped decrease “compute” time from an average of 60 hours to 8-12 hours

We helped transition 50% of the campus desktops to virtual desktops

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